Professional Public speaking Improve up your presentation skills

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Contrary to popular opinion, an effective PowerPoint presentation does not need to have words whizzing across the screen, star-shaped bullet point or complex diagrams. Your visuals should not be the main focus of your audience’s attention; you should be.

A PowerPoint presentation is there to illustrate your key points, and should support your message rather than detract the audience’s attention from what you are saying. The rule is to keep your presentation simple, using images, quotations and statements to support, rather than reiterate, what you are saying.

A common mistake nurses tend to make is to ‘cut and paste’ parts of different PowerPoint presentations to create a new document, without ensuring that the background and font are consistent throughout the presentation. This can make a speaker look unprofessional, so try to ensure that the background, font, size of font and colours are the same on each slide. When using pictures or illustrations to back up your points, you should also check that you are not breaching anyone’s copyright.

Preparation and practice

We have all attended presentations that have seemed almost effortless on the part of the speaker and have wondered how some people can appear so casual during what, for the majority at first take, is a stressful experience. Do not be fooled. The most successful presentations are the result of a great deal of preparation, research and hard work.

Starting preparation at least four weeks before you are due to make your presentation will give you time to formulate ideas and pull together the reference materials and information that you need to support your key messages.

Make sure you practise your presentation a number of times before you deliver it, remembering to time yourself in action.

If possible, it helps to rehearse in the room you will be using on the day. Try to anticipate any potential questions and practise your responses to these.

Do not forget that there may be a number of logistical issues to address before your presentation. Seemingly small things such as last minute travel arrangements, not knowing the size of the room and number of people you will be presenting to, or how to deal with technical glitches can add unwanted stress to the occasion such as:

More experience of presenting

Most people find standing up in front of an audience pretty daunting – whether they are presenting to patients, colleagues or peers. However as a primary care or community nurse, you probably have more experience of presenting important information to others than you think.

Your daily work involves explaining conditions and treatment to patients or carers, speaking up at practice meetings, or even outlining local health initiatives to journalists.

Do not underestimate how much you already know about presenting information to a range of audiences. You just need to take time to ensure that you are prepared and that the information you intend to convey is neatly packaged to meet the needs of your audience.

CASE STUDY: Helen Isles, Wye Valley Practice, Gloucestershire

Helen Isles, a practice nurse at the Wye Valley Practice in Gloucestershire, can clearly remember the first time she delivered a presentation. It was not a heartening experience: ‘I had to speak to a group of 16-year-olds at a local sixth form college about being a practice nurse,’ she recalls at here.  ’I quickly realised that I had not taken into account the attention span of my teenage audience, who weren’t very interested in what I had to say. At the end of my 10-minute presentation, I felt deflated and disappointed.’

Learned from mistakes

However, as a result of this one negative episode, Ms Isles’ presentation skills improved in leaps and bounds. Rather than turning down further public speaking engagements, she quickly learned from her mistakes. ‘Now, I often give presentations – to patients, local health groups and at health promotion events. I make sure that I’ve tailored my presentation to my audience and capture their attention,’ she explains.

Taught me how to talk with patients more directly

Improving her presentation skills has also had a positive impact upon other areas of Ms Isles’ everyday work: ‘It has taught me how to talk to patients more directly, without using all the jargon that bog down us health professionals. I’m more confident now,’ she concludes. ‘I know that if I’ve carefully prepared and practised my presentation, my nerves won’t get the better of me.’

Facebook Enhances The Look Of Links

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Over the course of the last year, Facebook has gone under numerous adjustments to both their desktop computer internet site as well as their mobile application.

Whether it was because of a mobile phone updating their OS or whether it pertained to trying to stay up to date with the times, adjustments were made.

Not just smalls potatoes that couple of would discover or look after, yet big, wholesale changes that have actually changed the feel of the website and app. The most current of them all has actually been the adjustments made to links, or at the very least the accompanying image.

buy facebook-likes

Facebook’s upgrade to linked web pages, tales and blog posts has actually been a modification that they haven’t gotten much flack for. With the update, web links now seem much more famous and more crucial. As an alternative of just being a little, single bar that will certainly show up in your newsfeed, there is even more.

The picture that includes a link is now more noticeable. By being additional visible you need to buy facebook likes , it welcomes your confident readers to at least consider the web link or, better yet, in fact click into it and read just what lies past.

This modification has bigger influence compared to just helping individuals come across something you have actually created or shared from an additional web page.

Exactly what this will certainly do is aid companies have a better chance at advertising their business and provide their material a better chance at being chosen up by online search engine. This occurs because, at least it appears, Facebook is placing greater value on your web links. Sociall Likes by making them more prominent, they are offering your posts more definition, a minimum of figuratively.

This can benefit businesses that might be struggling to get a greater SEO coming up to Google, Bing or Yahoo!. By having your content show up “vital” with Facebook’s new links, it invites those brand-new and old visitors.

By making the web link seem even more welcoming, it triggers them to ideally click on to your page and ultimately, read exactly what you have composed.

The bigger web links additionally could draw in individuals to your company or personal web page where they can easily run in to more content that greater than likely will entice to them.

Just by creating brand-new clicks on to your Facebook page, you, not Facebook, are providing on your own a much better possibility of getting a higher SEO position due to the fact that you are bringing people to your website organically.

You didn’t spend for the web links, you took some time to assemble something worth reading and after that put it on Facebook for your viewers and clients to discover and ideally continuously share and take pleasure in.

Facebook is making it a growing number of difficult to dislike them with updates such as these. It seems as though Facebook is decelerating on the upgrade front, which in the meantime, will be a welcome website.

Over the course of the last year, Facebook has gone under numerous adjustments to both their desktop computer website as well as their mobile app.

Facebook’s upgrade to linked web pages, tales and articles has been a change that they have not obtained much flack for. This occurs because, at the very least it seems, Facebook is putting greater worth on your web links. By having your content show up “essential” with Facebook’s new web links, it invites those new and old visitors.


Five of one of the most Typical Mistakes Made By Google+ Users

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Among the most common complaints among brand-new individuals to Google+ is that it is rather complicated and they are unsure how you can properly use the web site.

To aid ease this confusion and make the social internet site much more enjoyable for you, I have actually collected some of the most common errors made by Google+ individuals, both brand-new and skilled.

Your Account – Not effectively enhancing your account is one of the most usual blunder made by individuals. You should additionally feature links on your About page, this will certainly make it much easier for folks to find you.

Publishing – In order to gain every one of the incentives that Google+ needs to provide, it is important that you publish consistently. Posting regularly will guarantee that you obtain as much direct exposure from the site as feasible.

By providing your followers with fresh content often, you will not just keep them considering exactly what you have to claim, however you will likewise continue to be current in the supplies.

Sharing Hyperlinks – Merely uploading links to your web site is not valuable to your followers. When you upload web links on Google+, you ought to consist of some type of fascinating and quality comment.

Ignoring Others – Whenever you use any kind of social media website it is necessary that you acknowledge when others mention you or your company.

Dismissing these points out will certainly usually lead your fans to think that you are just thinking about marketing your very own endeavors without any type of recommendation of others. It is essential that you reply or comment whenever you observe that somebody has actually discussed you or your business in an article.

Google+ Badges – Just signing up with Google+ is not nearly enough to guarantee that your efforts are met with success. To obtain the most out of your task on the website, you need to include Google+ badges to your internet site.

This step will allow your fans to quickly share your material, join your circles and enhance your influence on the internet site. If you have not included a Google+ badge to your web site, you need to doing this as soon as feasible.

Publishing – In order to reap all of the incentives that Google+ has to provide, it is essential that you publish consistently. When you provide web links on Google+, you ought to feature some kind of fascinating and quality comment.

Google+ Badges – Simply signing up with Google+ is not enough to guarantee that your efforts are fulfilled with excellence. If you haven’t included a Google+ badge to your web site, you should do so as quickly as feasible.


The best ways to Make use of Facebook to Develop Brand Commitment – Are You Making use of These Techniques?

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Facebook is an entity with lots of fans, fans, addicts and deniers. We all know somebody who declares to object to Facebook or “I hardly utilize Facebook” and you see them posting, ‘like-ing’ and utilizing Facebook additional than most!

I recently went to a talk by Nick Bowditch, the Local business Manager for Facebook Australia.

I actually wished to share a few of the little jewels he shared with us on that morning regarding constructing brand awareness and ideal making use of Facebook to expand your business complying with.

Images are every little thing


(The paradox right here is that you can not see photos within this post!).

Facebook values your images strongly thus their Timeline cover renovation and their move to acquire Instagram. If so, you could post it on your timeline, but it won’t be advertised to friends of pals.

Facebook & / or Pinterest.

Facebook do not mean to ‘compete’ with Pinterest but at the exact same time, they do not prepare to head out of their method to combine pressures with them either. For example, there is no simple means to integrate your Facebook and Pinterest business web pages besides making use of 3rd party plugins like They are both incredibly helpful devices in their very own right.

Ladies are your target.

No matter of your company, it is likely that your target is going to be women. Why? Well, females and gossiping are associated and that is exactly what Facebook is all regarding – although that it was established by a guy.

Timing is extremely important.

Paint a picture of your best customer or client.

E.g. Mom of three above 5 years, functioning part-time, adores outside activities and food preparation.

If you do all your publishing after 11pm, it is highly not likely that your target market is going to see your article. Blog post at the same time your target is on-line. Get involved in the shoes of your target and be them for a day.

The abundant get richer.

An additional factor he showed us was that the more shares/likes you obtain, the additional your posts will be displayed in your subscribers news feeds. If you begin to obtain less likes/shares, your missions will be presented much less. This is where I overreacted and put my hand up.

“Exactly what takes place if you don’t provide whatsoever?”.

Nick assured me and the remainder of the space that your screen level will never decrease to nothing unless everyone blocks you naturally! They will always offer you the perk of the doubt so regularly assess and examine your articles to make sure that you are delivering only goodness in your newsfeed to your fans.

“Mark (Zuckerburg’s) objective is for your Facebook Newsfeed to be the only information you’ll ever before require review”.
So, they only wish to show you stuff you’re most likely to ‘like’.

Be noticeable.

Images with a call-to-action get 80 % more clicks! If you actually ask your fans to ‘such as’ or ‘share’, they will.


The paid promotions you are able to do with Facebook was their option to the mobile market. More and more users are mobile and Facebook had actually not thought of a method to integrate advertising and marketing on mobile devices.

Exactly how it works is that you take an article which has actually currently gotten lots of likes/shares – ideally one providing a greater sale that your various other blog posts. Your blog post will then be advertised to all of your ‘friends-friends’ or ‘subscribers-friends’ who like your blog post.

Once you start to truly associate with your audience and captivate, you will certainly start to grow a network of fans … not just customers.


Ways to Be Effective in Social Network Advertising

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Prior to I get going, I am really hoping that you have actually made a decision to do whatever it takes to be successful in social networks advertising and marketing. This suggests you are ready to put your face around and become popular.

The reason I am saying this is some people are quite timid and constantly keep themselves behind the computer system, and I am hoping you are not one of them.

Social media advertising and marketing requires time and it is likewise crucial to know the right individuals. Imagine if you are good friends with a preferred web online marketer online and he passes around your sites connect on his Facebook web page.

You could obtain bunches of quality traffic just from that people individual and end up being renowned. You could make this your target to first be good friends with effective net online marketers as opposed to developing a credibility all on your own which many other internet online marketers do.

You can use solo for a while without any support until you construct a network of people who wish to follow you. Make your own website, have people ask you inquiries and make a video with an answer and article it on YouTube. When other individuals view your video clip they will recognize you are very prominent online and they could subscribe.

Usage all type of social networking websites to make friends and let them know you are a comprehensive time net marketing expert. This is vital because in the future you will certainly publish updates of your lifestyle as an internet marketing expert and exactly how much cash you are making. This will bring in great deals of interest from desperate individuals who want to stop their works and make a living on the net.

Link every little thing to eachother. When you make a video clip and upload it online, connect the video clip to your website, and from your website web link individuals to your Twitter or facebook fan web page. Keep everything connected because the more arranged you are the much better for you to generate web traffic.

Write bunches of posts and web link individuals to your web site. Like I will certainly do hereafter post, keep your audience interested concerning the subject you have actually composed, and vow them more information in your blog. The more free of cost things you offer to people the much better.

I hope this information worked and you now have a better understanding regarding social media advertising and marketing.

Social media advertising takes time and it is additionally vital to know the ideal individuals. You can make this your goal to initially be good friends with proper internet marketing experts instead of building a track record all by yourself which a lot of other net online marketers do.

Make your own site, have individuals ask you concerns and make a video clip with a respond to and article it on YouTube. When you make a video and publish it online, link the video clip to your site, and from your website link people to your Facebook or twitter fan page.

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